First steps in self publishing

April 3, 2013

Treating your writing as a business is a must for anyone taking first steps in self publishing.

New technologies in printing have made it possible to produce books in small quantities at low cost.  Authors can be their own boss, have editorial freedom, be responsible for pricing and advertising and keep all the profits.  The disadvantage of this means that as they have no track record in the publishing industry they become a small fish in a big pond and their publications thought of as “vanity publishing” and inferior.  They can make basic editing errors and are responsible for all losses.

Self Publishing


Privacy Perspectives

September 7, 2010

Consult Hyperion and The Woking Writers Circle have put together a range of remarkable short stories and poems as part of the VOME project (Visualisation and Other Methods of expression) to illustrate ways privacy is treated in modern life.

The project shows how creative writing can be used to describe the fears that surround the way we use today’s technology to communicate.  It is funded by the Technology Strategy board with the aim of encouraging individuals to express their own expectations, experiences and concerns.

The poems and stories are edited by Margret Ford and published by Mastodon Press ( ISBN 9780955739064.  Copies can be obtained from the publisher or via The Woking Writers Circle (