Book Promotion

March 1, 2011

Our Christmas campaign has long past but we continue to promote our books.  Long into January a friend who did not know I was a writer spotted an advert I had posted in a local post office window and asked to buy a copy of Cogrill’s Mill which was duly supplied.  Encouraged by this success Peatmore Press has produced the video advert below.

Although this has not resulted in many sales it has increased interest in the book.

Video Marketing Self-Published Books

August 31, 2010

There are now many ways to publicise a book on the internet.  One of the most exciting and perhaps the most creative is the use of video.  Digital cameras are relatively keep and readily attainable.  Most have automatic modes that enable point and shoot which makes them simple to use.  Many people have webcams that can easily be utilised.  Practically all this equipment comes with easy to use software and can be attached to the USB port of a PC.

By using a tripod a simple story can be shot single handily.  All it needs is a minimal script, some graphics and someone to stand in front of the camera.  Many social networks such as Utube encourage uploading of short video clips so that your visual advert can be distributed worldwide free of charge in no time at all.

The Independent Publisher, Salt Publishing, provides a good example. Wena Poon is interrupted whilst being interviewed about her forthcoming novel, Alex y Robert

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