Opportunities and Pitfalls in Self Publishing

June 17, 2010

The real attraction of Self Publishing is that one is guaranteed to be published.  Not only that but you will be your own boss, have complete editorial freedom, be responsible for pricing & advertising and can keep all profits.  Unfortunately there is a downside and there are pitfalls into which the unwary can easily slip.

One’s venture maybe considered as “Vanity Publishing” and your books thought to be inferior to those produced by the established press.  Also the new self publisher will have no track record and will be just a “small fish in big pond”.  It will be easy for the beginner to make basic editing errors and on top of all that he or she will be responsible for all losses.

The upside is that that you will see your cherished hard work in print and it is that which will make the Self Publishing option outweigh the risks.

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