Self Publishing

June 7, 2010

Self publishing can no longer be considered the sole preserve of the vanity writer.  The current downturn in world economy has meant that large publishing houses are less inclined to take a gamble on the unknown first time author.  Indeed many such companies will be forced to downsize or they will go under.  Advances in digital technology have meant that printing processes have undergone change similar to those which have affected the music record industry.  Just as musicians now produce and distribute their work online ,and using their own record labels, a new world has opened up to the modern day writer.

There is now such a rise in Print on Demand (POD), audio and ebook companies that booksellers and mobile digital platform manufactures have begun taking those embracing the new technology extremely seriously.   The literary press and writers conferences are all playing host to the new phenomenon.  Budding writers know that if they self publish they will be published.  Whether or not their work is any good is another matter.