Travels in Lisbon – Day 4

March 30, 2012

Thursday 29th March 2010

Today was to be our last in Portugal.  We began it by climbing to the Castello de S Jorge.  This was designed to be the most difficult access point in Lisbon and it proved to be an exhausting experience.  The castle was built during the city’s Moorish period in the mid 11 century to provide a formidable defensive stronghold.  The climb to the top was well worth the effort as the views from the top were magnificent.  Fortunately the castle courtyard was shaded by trees and had an excellent cafeteria where we were able to admire some beautiful peacocks while enjoying a cup of cappuccino.

The Castelo d Sao Jorge

View from Sao Jorge battlements.

We walked back down to the sea front and along to the Praça do Comércio where stands the striking equestrian statue of King José I.  From there we passed through the Arco da Rua towards our hotel where we found a street restaurant to eat our last meal in Lisbon before finally leaving Portugal for the flight home.

Statue of D Jose I and the Arco da Rua

It was a wonderful trip.  Lisbon is a city well worth seeing.

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