More Tales of Successful Self Publishing.

December 10, 2012

Mainstream publishers are cutting back so self publishing may now be the way that struggling authors will get their work into print.  Digital technology and social networks makes this easier than ever for novice writers.  For little cost they can produce printed books on demand, ebooks to download, audiobooks, podcasts and even video trailers.

Self publishing has always existed.  There are many examples out there.  The key to success is for writers to get their books noticed and that means strong marketing.


Mainstream Publisher Acknowledges Self Publishing

November 29, 2012

Self publishing is no longer frowned upon.  Readers do not mind who the publisher is.  All they care about is having a good read.  The most successful way to promote books is by word of mouth starting with the authors themselves and spreading via their friends and family to a wider public.

Advertising is expensive particularly in this austere age.  A large publishing company will always plump for a book written by a celebrity rather than a newcomer because they know it will sell.  However, the quality of writing is often poor and the reading public are being let down.

Writers become good writers because they have been plugging away for years honing their art without success because mainstream publishers are unwilling to take a risk on an unknown talent.  There are legions of stories of authors who receive rejection after rejection before getting that big break through.  There must be many great novels out there which never see the light of day.

Self publishing means that there is now no need for this to happen.  It is marvellous that a big publisher has at last realised this.  Simon and Schuster are leading the way.

Book Art

July 3, 2012

A book with its cover, contents and the advertising campaign that surrounds it is a complete artistic experience.  The author that produces it can have complete control when self publishing.  The downside is that the self publisher will have to bear the mistakes and the costs.  However, the pleasure at producing a work of art can more than compensate.

Books can be viewed in the same way as music albums.  The cover, the texture and the notes on the jacket can bring pleasure in themselves.  Vinyl records of 60s, 70s and 80s added visual and textural appeal to the music inside.  The smaller CD and the digital download have greatly lessened the effect.  It is still there but the influence of the complete package has decreased.

Digital ebooks have suffered the same.  However, the short-run paperback version can bring back the glamour previously shown by pulp fiction.  Shelves of nicely jacketed books can enhance its décor and bring interest to a room.

In the same way the video can promote interest, the book trailer can have the same effect and a well produced book trailer video can be a piece of art in itself.  Thus the book, its jacket and video trailer becomes an artistic composition of which the self publishing author can be proud.


Click here to view trailer                       Click here to view trailer

Book Promotion

March 1, 2011

Our Christmas campaign has long past but we continue to promote our books.  Long into January a friend who did not know I was a writer spotted an advert I had posted in a local post office window and asked to buy a copy of Cogrill’s Mill which was duly supplied.  Encouraged by this success Peatmore Press has produced the video advert below.

Although this has not resulted in many sales it has increased interest in the book.

Video Marketing Self-Published Books

August 31, 2010

There are now many ways to publicise a book on the internet.  One of the most exciting and perhaps the most creative is the use of video.  Digital cameras are relatively keep and readily attainable.  Most have automatic modes that enable point and shoot which makes them simple to use.  Many people have webcams that can easily be utilised.  Practically all this equipment comes with easy to use software and can be attached to the USB port of a PC.

By using a tripod a simple story can be shot single handily.  All it needs is a minimal script, some graphics and someone to stand in front of the camera.  Many social networks such as Utube encourage uploading of short video clips so that your visual advert can be distributed worldwide free of charge in no time at all.

The Independent Publisher, Salt Publishing, provides a good example. Wena Poon is interrupted whilst being interviewed about her forthcoming novel, Alex y Robert

Character Names

August 26, 2010

Choosing names for characters can be a chore for any fiction writer.  There are many limitations which come into play.  They must not be relatives or close friends in case any of these feel you are writing about them.  Even remote acquaintances might take offence.

A good novelist will take traits observed from people encountered in all walks of life.  If successful the reader will know or have met someone just like them but they must never think that that character is them.  A good trick to use when stuck for a name is to watch film or TV credits then take a first name that might fit and mix them with a different surname

The protagonist is the most difficult of all to conjure up.  He or she should be easily identifiable to reader and author so that they should care what happens to them.  It is no wonder that the writer puts so much of himself in his central character even when that character is the villain.

Ebook Publishing

July 20, 2010

The revolution in digital publishing means that there are now new platforms available to self publishers that make a welcome addition to the traditional hardback and paperback formats.  POD companies require pdf file templates so the transformation of these into ebooks is an easy step.  The growing use of mobile phones, PDAs, the Apple iPad and readers such as Amazon’s Kindle mean that these are in popular demand.  To take advantage of these innovations it is now more important than ever for the new publisher to network with others in the book producing industry.

On 15th July there was a digital publishing drinks night at the Chocolate Bar in Soho that proved highly informative.  It seems that the preferred industry ebook format is epub and this is utilised by most of the new mobile apparatus.  Apparently there is little chance of your book being taken up by readers such as the iPad or Kindle unless it is in this format; but to be taken on by Apple for the iPad more hoops have to be jumped because it is necessary to deal with middle men and distributors without whom no negotiation can take place.