Book Review – Babe Driven by Lizzie Chantree

May 14, 2019

This book is technically flawed in that the narrative constantly jumps point of view so that I had to re-read some passages twice in order to understand which character was describing the piece I was reading.  But having said that the story worked well and I really enjoyed reading it.

There was a great deal of description on what the characters were wearing, but this was never boring as it was evident that they were obsessed with appearance.  The characters themselves were well described and showed that the author had a good understanding about those she wrote and what motivated them.  The central narrative centred around Harriet (or Harry as she was mostly referred to) and her chauffeur driving company employing attractive female drivers.  Most of the story centred on her and a group of friends who were holidaying in an attractive villa next door to one rented by a famous pop group.

The interaction between the sexy males surrounding the pop group and the gorgeous Harry and her girlfriends was well described.  There were several twists in the story which kept me reading to the end.

Keith Jahans

Published by Nielsen and available
as a paperback and ebook

Book Review – The Dreamchasers by Hazel Mary Martin

October 28, 2010

This type of historical romance is not my normal taste in reading but despite my initial misgivings I found it remarkably good.

The story follows the fortunes of nineteen year old Sarah Naylor, who as a child finds herself in servitude in a large country house in 19th Century Yorkshire.  She falls in love with a man above her station.  However, the circumstances surrounding her birth are not what they seem.  Because of the vindictive jealousy shown by her employer’s wife and several twists of fate there is little hope of her following her dream of being with the one she loves.

The novel draws on the social concerns of rich and poor and is most moving when showing the working class living conditions of the day.  It is a compelling narrative and the reader is felt obliged to read on to discover whether Sarah realises her heart’s desire.

The Dreamchasers is published by Thorn Tree Publishing and is available at

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