Book Review – Never Run Away by Julie C Round

April 23, 2015

I must confess that I have become a big fan of Julie Round’s writing and have reviewed her excellent Lane trilogy (Lane’s End, Un-stable Lane & The Third Lane) elsewhere in this blog. She is expert at describing the strains and stresses of married life. This is evident in the Lane series and is very evident when explored here. She gets to the heart of the flaws and the strengths of her characters that are all too apparent in the human condition.

The novel tells of how fifty year old Barbara leaves her husband after years of putting up with his bitterness and neglect for her feelings, and his attempts to find her and win her back. The inclusion of the “Lady Havisham” character, Ellen, in the story is a nice touch and acts as a great counterpoint to the other characters. It is a touching account of modern times and a good read. I highly recommend it.

Keith Jahans
Editor, Peatmore Press.


Never Run Away by Julie C Round
is published in paperback by Old Stick Books
and is also available from Amazon in Kindle Format

Book Review – The Third Lane by Julie C Round

July 3, 2013

This is the third novel in Julie Round’s “Lane Trilogy”.  Once again it follows the life of the Longman family and describes how they cope with the strains and stresses of everyday living.  The author sympathetically describes how people may not be able to follow their dreams through circumstances beyond their control.  However, she tells how by adapting to these changes they can still lead happy and fulfilling lives.  Mother Katie’s dreams of romance, Father Bernard’s struggle with literacy, Son Robbie’s desire to care for animals and Daughter Heather’s ambition to become a champion athlete, convey this central theme.  All the books in this trilogy can be read in any order and are a delight to read.

Third Lane Cover

The Third Lane by Julie C Round is Published by Old Stick Books

Keith Jahans
Editor, Peatmore Press.

Book Review – Lane’s End by Julie Round

August 10, 2010

This is a compelling story with a moving central character.  It has a poignant theme showing that no matter how much you strive to succeed in life the motives and actions of others will affect the outcome.

The descriptions of the various forms of bullying Bernard receives are unfortunately very believable and highlight attitudes of many who make no attempt to understand persons less able than themselves.  Those that suffer with learning difficulties are particularly at risk since their problems are not outwardly apparent.  The attitude of some of the social service professions encountered by the family was most disturbing and shows the fallibility of modern day bureaucracies that are there to protect the vulnerable.

The meeting between Katie and Bernard seemed on first reading to be too much of a coincidence but such coincidences do happen and at that point in the story Bernard needed a break.

Bernard’s tale is one of heartache and struggle but shows with help and understanding it is possible to win through.   Much of that help is provided by Zack and Rose, who come across as examples of life’s unsung heroes and heroines.  Without such people it is impossible to see how any of us, let alone the intellectually disadvantaged, can adapt to the everyday stresses of living which is a point that comes across strongly in this thought provoking narrative.

Keith Jahans

Editor, Peatmore Press (

Lane’s End is published by Old Stick Books:

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