Film/Book Themes

November 19, 2012

Once a Peatmore Press book has been written one of the next steps is to decide, were it to be made into a film, is what theme tune should accompany the opening credits.  This tune is often played in the background during the editing.  In the case of Cogrill’s Mill it was Heaven written by Brian Adams but it was the DJ Sammy version sung by Yanou that came to mind, With Gifford’s Games it was “This is the Life” by Amy MacDonald and with Victim of Compromise it was The Jam’s “Eton Rifles”.  Although the lyrics do not entirely fit the stories, the themes compare well.

However when the time came to fit the tunes to the book trailers different music had to be found because of possible copyright infringements.  In the end the editor decided on a comic interview for Cogrill’s Mill with no accompanying music, and for Victim of Compromise and Gifford’s Games royalty free soundtracks from were used.  The editor was happy with the result but whether this works or not is really up to the listener and can only be measured by the resulting book sales.

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