April 9, 2014

People are fascinated by them. The desire to find out what happens next is irresistible. Writers want their audience to be entertained and keep coming back for more. Sometimes they are surprised by the results. The Peatmore Press motorcycle travel ebook, American Road, is selling well in America. Perhaps the reason is many Americans want to reach out and find a new way in which they can explore their own country by reading about the experiences of others. They may be wishing to undertake a similar journey themselves and are seeking clues of where to go and how to travel. Whatever the reason, their motivation is welcome and I hope they get as much out of the ebook as I did in writing it.

American Road for Kindle can be obtained from Amazon UK by clicking or tapping on the jacket cover in the side bar or from in the USA or by following the links to the Peatmore Press website at As a reward for reading Peatmore stories and following this blog, I have posted another free short story, The Age Gene, which can again be accessed by via the jacket cover and following the link to the website.

Keith Jahans
Editor, Peatmore Press.

American Road

September 25, 2013

They say travel broadens the mind.  It certainly gives travelers a lot to think about and if they take a camera with them there are plenty of sights to capture and take away to ponder later.  In the 1970s and 1980s I rode motorcycles and often journeyed many miles.

I posted my adventures of one such journey in a work place newsletter and regaled my friends with the many photographs I had taken.  It proved surprisingly popular so I have pulled them all together in an enhanced ebook which I hope will prove at least equally entertaining.

ARJacket with border

A Motorcycle Journey in Words and Pictures

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The book  is priced at £1.50 and is available to buy at

Keith Jahans

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