Travels in Dubrovnik – Day 5

August 25, 2012

Saturday 25 August

This part of my blog should probably be called Travels on the Dalmatian Coast near Dubrovnik because we did not venture towards the walled town.  Instead we took a short walk up a hill and through the trees opposite our hotel which the receptionist told us offered stunning views.  And the receptionist was right.

The path behind our hotel (The grandly titled Dubrovnik Palace)

Picturesque view from path

Lapad Bay with a cruise ship docked in adjacent Port Cruz in background

We returned to the hotel shortly before lunch and I went snorkelling again to cool down.  There are a variety of fish of different shapes and sizes, some with stripes and some with just a single dot near the tail.  I have no idea what they are called but they certainly held my interest.

My companion and I shared a pizza for lunch.  Its arrival was greatly delayed as it smelt like the first offering had been burnt.  When it arrived the second offering was okay.  The waitress asked us how it was and confided that there were problems in the kitchen as the cook had never cooked a pizza before.  But we were in no hurry and spent the rest of the day resting and reading before venturing down to Lapad Bay again for our evening meal.

Travels in Dubrovnik – Day 4

August 24, 2012

After the excursions of the last few days it was time to take it easy so we walked to Labad Bay for some much needed provisions (ie some inexpensive bottles of the local wine).

On the way we saw a variety of means of transport.

Two wheeled city tour

I have seen these strange vehicles on the south bank in London.  Motorcycles are more my preferred means of two wheeled transport.

Croatian bus

Nowadays I love buses and this is how we have travelled from our hotel to Dubrovnik much in the same way as I go from Knaphill to Woking using my bus pass.

Croatian paragliding

I really do not like contemplating this means of transport even though it has a smiley face.

 Once back from our shopping expedition, I did more snorkelling in the cool Adriatic and  saw some brightly coloured fish.

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