Travels in Norway – Day 5

December 7, 2013

6 December 2013

The Nordlys reached harbour at midnight and we slept well last night at a Tromso hotel knowing that our mission to see the Northern Lights had been accomplished.  Some members of our company claimed that the lights on occasion reached the brilliant green for which they are noted.  I am afraid I must confess that I failed to see this.  However, I did not stay on the freezing deck as long as most.  While I was out there I tried in vain to capture the lights on film but I failed to come to terms with finding the correct settings for my digital SLR.  Had I had my old 35 mm film camera with me I would have probably succeeded but at least I can say honestly that I saw the renowned Northern Lights and found them impressive.

I spent some of the morning walking the snowy streets of Tromso and photographing various notable sights.  If you have been following this blog you will have noticed how dark my pictures appear to be.  This is because at this time of year in Norway there is only about four hours of daylight and even these give the appearance of dusk.  In summer the reverse is true and the sun shines almost for twenty-four hours.  Not for nothing is it called “The Land of The Midnight Sun.”

Tromso Main Street

Tromso Main Street Decked Out For Christmas

Tromso Church

Tromso Cathedral

Tromso Bridge

Tromso Bridge

A coach arrived at one o’clock and drove us to the airport.  It had been a very satisfactory trip apart from accidently leaving my ipad behind in the pocket of the aircraft seat in front of mine.