Wonders of the world – Part 2

December 3, 2012

More wonders of the world I have seen on my travels – again in no particular order.

The Iron Bridge with Border

The iron bridge at Ironbridge, Shropshire, Great Britain

 In the late eighteenth century Abraham Darby devised a way of smelting iron with coke.  The bridge was built in 1779.  It was the birthplace of the Industrial Revolution.  The world, would never be the same again.

Terracota Army

Terracotta Warriors, China

 A clay army of thousands of life-size terra cotta figures of soldiers and horses discovered in 1974 in Xi’an, Shaanxi province, China after they were buried underground for more than 2200 years.

Modern Shanghai Skyline

Modern Shanghai Skyline

 Modern Shanghai symbolises how China has emerged to dominate the World’s economy.


 Stonehenge, Wiltshire, Great Britain

 Estimated to date from 3100 BC and is made up from Bluestone, Sarsen, Welsh Sandstone.  When I was a small boy we were able to sit, stand and climb on these ancient stones, all that is now strictly forbidden.

Travels in England

February 19, 2012

Ironbridge – Shropshire

I visited this historic town on Saturday 18th February.  It is named after the bridge built by Abraham Darby III which is one of the great symbols of the Industrial Revolution.

Abraham Darby was thought to have perfected the technique of smelting iron with coke, in Coalbrookdale allowing production of iron on a large scale.  The bridge and the town with its museums are spectacular and well worth a visit.

The Iron Bridge

I had a delicious meat and vegetable pie at Ye Old Robin Hood and washed it down with thirst quenching Holden’s bitter ale – highly recommended.

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