Travels in Norway – Day 4

December 5, 2013

5 December 2013

There were no further sightings of the Northern Lights the previous night.  In the morning we set sail for Hammerfest.  This is supposed to be the most northern town in the world and we arrived here at about eleven o’clock in the morning.

The town has largely been rebuilt in recent years as like Alta it was virtually destroyed by the Nazis in World War Two and the population forcibly evacuated.  It became a large fisheries centre and Findus had a factory here.  But then Findus left and the town went into decline.  However, with the discovery of oil and gas it is now booming with properties reaching exorbitant prices.

We disembarked and once again took in a coach sight seeing tour around the town and up into a mountain overlooking the harbour.

The Nordlys in Hammerfest Harbour

The Nordlys in Hammerfest Harbour

Hammerfest Busker

Hammerfest Busker outside the Tourist Information Centre and Polar Bear Society.

 We left Hammerfest at 12.45 and headed back towards Tromso where we were told the sky should be clearer and there was a greater chance we would get another glimpse of the Northern Lights.  Then low and behold we saw them as a faint creamy swirling glow in the night sky.