Travels in Scotland – 27 December 2022

December 28, 2022

Left Helensbrugh and set off along the A82 towards Fort William.  We started off in poring rain and the road took us alongside Loch Lomand.  The rain turned to sleet, then snow.  Our pathway became a winter wonderland with whiteness glistening from the trees, contrasting with the brownness left by the wheels from traffic in the snow on the road surface.  I had visions of being stuck in a blizzard and having to abandon the car in a snow drift.  But nothing untoward happened.

We were travelling through the Scottish Highlands, heading towards Glenco.  Mountains towered all round as we passed through deep valleys.  Most were covered in mist and fog, giving the atmosphere a mystical setting.  My companion took photos from the car window.  The snow turned to rain again as we reached The Glenco Visitor Centre where we stopped to admire the scenery more leisurely.  Finally we arrived at Fort William where the rain turned to fine drizzle.


Snowy mountains photographed
from car as we passed by


Snow capped mountains towering
over Glenco Visitor Centre



Christmassy square in Fort William



An awesome sight for whiskey lovers
One bottle was priced at £2000

Keith Jahans

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