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October 4, 2019

In the early years of this millennium, I produced my first novel, Cogrill’s Mill, as an ebook in pdf and took it to the London Book Fair on a CD.  But the publishers or agents I spoke to there did not want to know.  A few years later someone contacted me to ask if I had any ebooks for sale, but I had already set up my own publishing company and was busy producing my first books in print on demand to spare the time to revisit the market for ebooks.  Then just a short time later a number of large companies entered the arena offering a variety of different ebook formats and the digital publishing revolution began.

Around this time I met someone at a book publishing conference in London who said that the way to go was to publish in Epub format.  He told me about the success of Apple’s enhanced ebook publication of Lewis Carroll’s Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland.  I was immediately interested and went about producing enhanced Epub editions of a few of my own books.  Unfortunately, my marketing strategy at the time was not very good and the books languished on the Apple iBook store without selling.  Instead, I concentrated selling my ebooks on Amazon using their marketing strategy, but I could find no way to produce a multimedia ebook in the Amazon Kindle format in the same way I could for Epub.

Now, as a reward for my readers, I have made the enhanced Epub edition of my first collection of short stories, Crime and Passion written under my pennames of Luke Johnson and Jack Lindsey, available as a free download from Apple Books for portable devices and from  If you like the stories you are welcome to seek out my other books at  Please leave an honest review for any Peatmore Press book you read as this will help promote my writing.

Keith Jahans

The Free enhanced ebook is available for download at and at

Cogrill’s Mill ebook now FREE for a limited period

October 7, 2015

I am excited to offer the ebook of, Cogrill’s Mill, FREE on & It is normally £4.00 / $6.00 but you can get it 100% FREE today!

Keith Jahans
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Bike Travelling Man now FREE for a limited period

June 27, 2015

My latest book is free on Amazon Kindle Today. Grab it here!

Keith Jahans

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Book Giveaways

November 1, 2012

A free gift is a good way to drive potential customers to your website but what to give?  For the publisher a book is the obvious answer.  Something to showcase the work on offer so that potential customers get a taste of what is in store for them should they make a purchase.  Readers can download the first chapter free for each Peatmore Press novel. Games 1 chapter free.pdf

However, a more complete and lasting offer is also a sound proposition especially when launching a new product or service.  Thus for a limited period Peatmore Press is offering an ebook of 12 short stories to showcase its revamped website.

In the case of the Peatmore Press Crime and Passion short story collection it will expire at the end of November.  To obtain the gift prospective customers will need to supply their email addresses which the publisher will add to its database so it can keep them updated with new offers and products.  However, it is important to tell customers that they can send an email opting out of this at any time and their name will be removed. service.htm

Special occasions provide a great opportunity to promote a free offer.  December will herald the start of the Christmas period.  Thus when the current Peatmore Press offer ends a new one will begin.  In this way the publisher will build up a core of returning customers who can be confident that the products and services provided are sound.

Peatmore Press Marketing

October 5, 2012

To celebrate launch of 2 new social networking sites at & Peatmore Press offers free ebook at

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