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August 30, 2019

The best way to promote your book is to give away free copies.  The next best is to reduce the selling price to less than a US dollar or GB pound.  But only for a limited period as every author deserves some monetary reward for the effort they have put into its creation.

I have published two short story collections and two motorcycle travel books for less than one GB pound, but these have been written to showcase my writing rather than to generate much income, therefore their price is set deliberately low.  Peatmore Press has published four short audio books through but here the price is set by acx and Peatmore Press has no control over this even though it would like to set this to less than 1 GBP to bring it in line with its other showcase works.

Most of my free promotions are given away online, as ebooks since these formats entail no cost to the publisher.  It is these that generate the most take ups by readers as hundreds are downloaded at a time.  Some copies may be given free to selected reviewers, but the majority of the copies that are given free during a promotion period do not generate reviews.

I buy most of the books I read and review each one as I feel this provides the author with valuable feedback whether I like the book or not.  I find it sad that those who get hold of any free book from an author do not find time to follow my example.  It is even sadder when these books end up on pirate websites and sold for profit.


Keith Jahans


Peatmore Press Books

Book Giveaways

November 1, 2012

A free gift is a good way to drive potential customers to your website but what to give?  For the publisher a book is the obvious answer.  Something to showcase the work on offer so that potential customers get a taste of what is in store for them should they make a purchase.  Readers can download the first chapter free for each Peatmore Press novel. Games 1 chapter free.pdf

However, a more complete and lasting offer is also a sound proposition especially when launching a new product or service.  Thus for a limited period Peatmore Press is offering an ebook of 12 short stories to showcase its revamped website.

In the case of the Peatmore Press Crime and Passion short story collection it will expire at the end of November.  To obtain the gift prospective customers will need to supply their email addresses which the publisher will add to its database so it can keep them updated with new offers and products.  However, it is important to tell customers that they can send an email opting out of this at any time and their name will be removed. service.htm

Special occasions provide a great opportunity to promote a free offer.  December will herald the start of the Christmas period.  Thus when the current Peatmore Press offer ends a new one will begin.  In this way the publisher will build up a core of returning customers who can be confident that the products and services provided are sound.

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