Book Review – Duilleog by Donald D Allan

November 25, 2019

A well told tale which kept me reading right to the end.  By “the end” here I mean the end of the first book in a series as there is clearly more to read in future volumes.  I am not sure that the structure, particularly the changing points of view, really works but it is such a fascinating tale this is just a minor point.

The story starts in the first person with Will who has been living in the wild and has special healing powers.  He survives a murderous attack and discovers a gold coin which enhances his powers enabling him to help the people of a nearby village survive a disease.  In doing so he realises that there is more about his past than he first thought so he begins a journey to the country’s capital to find out more.

The narrative shifts to the third person to describe events surrounding a civil war which occurred in the capital.  Here there is more telling about what happened rather than showing the events themselves.  Some fascinating villains emerge and they look like they will play an important part later in the story.

The end of this part of the narrative shifts back to Will and is again told in the first person.  The story is ambitious in its scope.  I personally would be happier if it was condensed into one book but there are fans of the genre who like this form of saga, which has a flavour of Tolkien’s Lord of the Rings about it, and I am sure that such readers would love this story and want to read on.

Keith Jahans

Published by the author and
available as an ebook or paperback

Book Review – Woman of Honor by Nicole Zoltact

November 12, 2012

This is a well crafted fantasy novel set in a world of chivalry and romance.  The character of the feisty heroine Aislinn and the fictitious land of Arnhem are well drawn.  Her quest to become a noble knight is skilfully explained and tells of the trials which can beset a woman who is determined to succeed in a very masculine profession.

The magic and mystery is believable and fits in well with a historical perspective.  There is plenty of conflict and the rivalry between high born Aislinn and the lowly Adamina is sympathetically written and a nice twist.  There are many villains and epic battles which make this a story to savour.  This is the first book in a trilogy but it also stands well on its own.

Woman of Honor by Nicole Zoltact is published as an ebook by Desert Breeze Publishing.

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