Travels in Southern England – Emsworth Festival

May 16, 2015

Saturday 16th May

It was another gorgeous day and I was heading along the South Coast when I spotted a troupe of Morris Dancers as I passed through the village of Emsworth. I immediately pulled into a nearby car park and stop to take photographs. The troupe leader told me that there was a Farmer’s Market that day and the town decided to have a festival. There would be dancing in the square if I was interested. I certainly was and decided I certainly was so decided to take a look and remained there for most of the day.

     Emsworth Morris MenMy first sight of Morris Dancers in Emsworth

MorrisTroup 1Morris Troupe 1 Dancing in the Square

Morris Troup 2Morris Troupe 2 Dancing in the Square

Youngest Member of Morris Troup 2The youngest and (according to the troupe leader) the most expert member of Troupe 2 dancing a jig

Morris Troup 3Morris Troup 3 Dancing in the Square

Morris Dancing was once considered a male fertility rite for men dancers only but now it seems that the women out number the men. As one women dancer told me, it is a sad reflection of modern male fertility.

Emsworth Harbour 1Emsworth Harbour

I was extremely taken with this picturesque town/village and the friendly people I met there so I donated a copy of the Peatmore Press book, Victim of Compromise, to their public library. I hope they enjoy it and that this vibrant community goes from strength to strength.

Keith Jahans
Editor, Peatmore Press

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