Selling Books for Charity

June 3, 2015

Over the years I have donated a number of Peatmore Press books to charities. Many of the paperbacks probably end up in charity shops anyway once the reader has done with them. The last donation was to the “Help For Heroes” charity effort in Bournemouth. The first was probably to Oxfam at the Hay Festival in May 2009 where I donated three copies of Peatmore’s first book, “Cogrill’s Mill”.

Hay Festival 2009Peatmore Press Editor at Hay Festival in 2009

The last Peatmore Press piece of fiction to be published was the short story collection, “New Beginnings,” which was launched in August 2014 as an ebook. It is difficult to donate electronic books to charity as unlike paperback and hardback books they cannot physically be given. Thus the usual practice is to give away a portion of the profit from sales to charity for a limited period of time. “New beginnings” is currently on sale in Amazon’s Kindle bookstore and Apple’s iBook store for less than £1. It has therefore been decided that, as expected revenue from the sales is small, all future proceeds from these sale of this ebook will be donated to charity.

It has been decided that the most suitable charity is Fresh Start – new beginnings; The Treatment Service for Child Sexual Abuse. Not only does this fit with the title of the short story collection but one of the stories within it, “Third Party,” is about child sexual abuse. It is an offence that in Britain has been shamelessly ignored or covered up. I was shocked when I heard that two heroes of my youth, Jimmy Savile and Rolf Harris, were serial perpetrators. At a time when corporal punishment was legal in schools, children’s complaints were seldom taken seriously. Now at last attitudes are changing. The perpetrators of the past were probably abused themselves and the lives of their victims will always be marked by what happened to them. Thus the Fresh Start – new beginnings charity provides and important step in helping to mend their broken lives.

NBcoverNew Beginnings is available from Amazon in Kindle format
and the Apple iBook store in Epub format.
Go to for further details.

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To find out more about Fresh Start – new beginnings; The Treatment Service for Child Sexual Abuse
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Keith Jahans
Editor, Peatmore Press

The Epub Ebook as Multimedia Art

May 29, 2013

When I visited The London Book Fair in 2005 to promote the first Peatmore Press novel “Cogrill’s Mill” as an ebook no one wanted to know.  Admittedly, it was only available in pdf format so could only be viewed in personal computers, palm readers and some mobile phones but no one there seemed to recognise its commercial potential.  Now that has all changed.  There are a multitude of ebooks as mainstream publishers seek to launch their books in paper and ebook formats.  There are a variety of mobile platforms on which to view the electronic versions and at the 2013 London Book Fair there was a large area, known as “The Digital Zone”, devoted almost entirely to the ebook.

The ability of smart phones, tablets, ebook readers, PCs and mp3 players to delight our audio-visual senses is astounding.  To exploit this new environment Peatmore Press has launched a new epub version of its short story collection, “Crime and Passion”.  Mixed with the text is a movie trailer, two audio files and a photographic image at the start of each story.  It can only be viewed in its entirety on devices that can play mp3 and mp4 files, otherwise buyers are advised to obtain the pdf and Kindle editions, and is available as a download from

Keith Jahans
Editor, Peatmore Press


London Book Fair Embraces the Digital Age

April 16, 2013

I spent a fascinating day yesterday in The London Book Fair’s Digital Zone.  Today’s technology means that the reader can access a variety of interactive media across a range of mobile platforms.  Reading will be an exciting new experience in the 21st Century.  Video, audio and 3D images can be integrated into ebooks and there are wonderful opportunities for authors, film makers, photographers, sound engineers and distributors to collaborate.

London Book Fair 2013

 The London Book Fair

If you are going today or tomorrow Peatmore Press recommends that you check out: Tercio Publishing, Blue Fire Reader, Young Digital Planet, Epub Direct and Bookwire.

First steps in self publishing

April 3, 2013

Treating your writing as a business is a must for anyone taking first steps in self publishing.

New technologies in printing have made it possible to produce books in small quantities at low cost.  Authors can be their own boss, have editorial freedom, be responsible for pricing and advertising and keep all the profits.  The disadvantage of this means that as they have no track record in the publishing industry they become a small fish in a big pond and their publications thought of as “vanity publishing” and inferior.  They can make basic editing errors and are responsible for all losses.

Self Publishing

The Price of Self-Publishing

February 26, 2013

The Real Cost of Self-Publishing.


February 25, 2013

Publishers reluctant to sell e-books to local libraries.

More Tales of Successful Self Publishing.

December 10, 2012

Mainstream publishers are cutting back so self publishing may now be the way that struggling authors will get their work into print.  Digital technology and social networks makes this easier than ever for novice writers.  For little cost they can produce printed books on demand, ebooks to download, audiobooks, podcasts and even video trailers.

Self publishing has always existed.  There are many examples out there.  The key to success is for writers to get their books noticed and that means strong marketing.

Books that inspire – Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland

August 3, 2010

Lewis Carroll’s story of a young girl entering a strange dream world has delighted and entranced adults and children alike.  It is a tale of a world turned upside down where logic and words are played with and juggled to remarkable effect.

Stories work well when the narrative seems illogical.  Alice’s wonderland has a disappearing cat which defies all logic.  Peatmore’s Cogrill’s Mill has a cat which does not exist.  The reason for this is logical.  The Wonderland character is magical and defies all logic but was the inspiration behind the Cogrill’s Mill cat.

Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland has been adapted to film, animation, TV, radio and live performance and all these media have gloried in bringing it to life.  I have heard that the latest digital effects in cinema and the iPad are stunning although I have yet to see them myself.  The magic is there in the words but is at its best when they are read for the first time to a small attentive child.

Avoiding Pitfalls in Self Publishing

June 22, 2010

Easily the best way to avoid pitfalls is to network with other writers.  This can be done on-line or by joining writers groups and attending conferences, courses and workshops.  Writing is a lonely business and it is easy to become locked in ones own work.  Discussing your writing with others can help you think objectively about the project you are working on and generate much needed support.  Without the support of others it is easy to become discouraged and may lead you to give up.

Asking three to five writers, not closely related to you to critique your work is very beneficial.  If more than two are critical about a particular point then it probably means it should either be radically altered or deleted altogether.  But remember you are the final arbiter.  It is your work so it is up to you in the end.

Employing a professional editor helps improve quality although this will cost money.  There are many good ones about.  They advertise in the writing press but it is always best to seek recommendations from fellow writers.  Find one who you are happy to work with and who is sympathetic to your style.

Do not order books until you are happy with the proofs and do not order more than 20 books at a time or until you are sure you have a market for them.  It is easy for the most diligent proof reader to miss an error which will be picked up by readers of your first print run.  Many a self publisher has ended up with a stack of books riddled with a glaring error which inhibits their sale.

Start at the last page when editing and read your manuscript back to front.  Have your computer read your manuscript to you out-loud.  There are computer programs which offer a text-to-speech feature.  Some are free.  Use search engines such as Google to find them.  Your book may sound like Stephen Hawking is reading it, some of the contractions sound weird but, as you read along with the voice, you will notice some errors that your eyes alone would have missed.

Wait until you have three completed books before self publishing with your own company and look to utilising different formats.  Link to other Self Publishers websites and online social networks to market each others books and so become a bigger fish in a smaller pool.  Pitch your book in 15 minutes.  Produce a profit and loss publication plan.

By employing some or all of these tips you ought to achieve your ultimate aim which should be to publish your own work that you and others will enjoy at a cost which you can afford.


Ways to Self Publish

June 15, 2010

There are now many ways open to the writer to self publish that cost next to nothing or are free.  Most of these utilise the internet and the worldwide web.  Establishing one’s own website is now very straight forward.  It is probably the easiest way to present your work to the world.  Website costs range from free of charge with limited memory to expensive host options where there is sufficient memory to upload video and animations.  Creating a website is an essential necessity for the first time self publisher.  It is the way I began when the internet was young.  Now there are millions of sites and it is easy to get overlooked.

Writing one’s own site is not that difficult.  There is a variety of software available to aid you and many consultants who will help for a fee.  Social network sites such as Facebook, Myspace and Twitter are a good starting point and are again mostly free and straight forward to use.

Print on Demand (POD) is the most expensive option.  It is now easier than it once was and there are reputable companies that provide a good service.  However, there are still some cowboys so make sure you know what you get for your money.  If you form own company, you will have more control over, printing, design, distribution.  It is more work but will be cheaper than if you use an established company and probably more satisfying.  However, if only you have only one book using such a company is probably the best option.  Whichever route you take network with other self publishing writers and learn from their experiences.

Other options include ebooks, audiobooks, podcasts, video and Braille.  If you are going the POD route then you are already producing pdfs so ebooks entail little extra cost to produce.  They have the added advantage of little or no material or distribution costs.

Author David James and my self are running a Self Publishing Workshop at this year’s Winchester Writers Conference on 25th and 27th June and I will report what we will have learnt in future blogs

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