Travels in a VDub – Days 1, 2 and 3

March 30, 2014

28, 29 and 30 March 2014

On Friday 28th I felt a strong need to hit the road on my travels again. It turns out that in the village of Chobham, which is next door to my home village of Knaphill in Surrey, England, there is a small company which rents our Volkswagen campervans. I called in on spec and to my delight found that they had one available for hire that very day. I quickly agreed terms and drove the said vehicle called Daisy (their name for her not mine) to my home in preparation for my departure the following day.

Daisy at SubdaleDaisy parked up at my home ready for loading

So the next day I packed up and headed North on the M40. My initial destination was to visit my son who was studying at Wolverhampton University. He too was seduced by Daisy’s charms and agreed to join me on the first stage of my journey. We picked a name from the Camping Club book and arrived at Delamere Forest Park, South of Manchester. There we wrestled with the complexities of our new temporary home.

Delamere Forest ParkDelamere Forest Park

Daisy’s roof could be raised to allow more living and sleeping space. However, neither of us relished being tucked up at night in the small roof space so we shared the large double bed at the back. Alex had to return to his studies next day, as he is in his final year at University and they are at a crucial stage, which was just as well as being large adult males we both spent an uncomfortable night.

Daisy at Delamere ForestDaisy at Campsite Close To Country Park

The following morning we went for s short walk in the park and then visited the tiny Delamere Railway Station which is right next to the campsite.

Delamere Railway StationDelamere Railway Station

Then I returned Alex to his studies at Wolverhampton, picked another name from the Camping Club Book and headed to Kingsbury Water Park in Sutton Coldfield alone.

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