Book Review – Charles Dickens and the Night Visitors by David James

July 11, 2017

This is a work of fiction based on fact.  Charles Dickens is arguably the best British novelist of all time.  I have not read many of his books, but I have seen numerous adaptations on film and television.  Although I knew about some aspects of his life until I read this book I was unaware of his fascination with hypnosis.

This story tells of his use of hypnosis to treat one Augusta de la Rue while staying in Italy with his family.  This actually happened, but in this account the facts are blurred.  The story is seen through the fictitious accounts of members of the Dickens household including the man himself.  This means that some of the tales, particularly those of the young Dickens children, encompass visions of spectres, ghosts and a variety of creepy crawlies.  The author’s descriptions of these apparitions and the atmosphere surrounding the household are expertly drawn.

I did sometimes get confused about the identity of which character was telling a particular aspect of the story and had to check back in the narrative several times to make sure that I understood their identity.  This may have been due to the limitations of the way the ebook I was reading was put together and the story would probably be easier to follow in either the hardback or paperback formats of the book.  But all in all it was a fascinating read and led me to Google to search out more of the facts that lay behind the talent that was Charles Dickens.

Keith Jahans

This novel is published by David James at Create Space
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Christmas Books

December 9, 2011

Christmas is a time when most books are given and received.  It is natural then for any book publisher to begin a promotional campaign.  With this in mind, Peatmore Press has published a short seasonal audio book featuring a story about a Christmas Turkey.

Story telling at Christmas is a tradition that has been passed down for generations.  This February is the two hundredth anniversary of the birth of Charles Dickens, the most famous Christmas story teller of the nineteenth century.  Dickens was renowned for giving public readings from his novels and would have probably relished the chance of presenting them in audio format should the technology have been available then.  His readings provided an ideal opportunity for book promotion as crowds flocked to hear him read.

The tradition lives on as the audio book, “The Christmas Turkey,” from Peatmore Press is written and read by the author and is available over the Christmas period as a free download from