Travels in Southern England – Brighton

May 19, 2015

Tuesday 19th May 2015

I have visited Brighton several times before but have not been here for a long time so today I decided to visit one of Britain’s most famous seaside towns again.

It was a delight to wander around its most notable landmarks. I bought myself some fish and chips and ate them on the Pier. They were delicious.

 Brighton PierBrighton Pier

Brighton PavilionBrighton Pavilion

There were great buildings and features to re-explore as I passed by the Royal Pavilion and through the Lanes.

Brighton Lanes 2Brighton Lanes

I could not resist photographing the Brighton Sealife centre with its attendant “Eye” as my daughter used to work at the London version.

Brighton SealifeBrighton Sealife

Then as the sky became evermore threatening I decided to wend my way back to my hotel as it looked like there was going to be a downpour and I had not brought a coat.

Brighton Sky from Pier 2Brighton Beach and threatening sky from Pier

A visit to Brighton is a great day out. No matter what the weather, as the sky, sea and structures are constantly changing.

Keith Jahans
Editor, Peatmore Press

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