Networking with Self Publishers

June 29, 2010

The Self Publishing Workshop at the Winchester Writers Conference last weekend showed that writers determined to publish themselves can combine ideas effectively.  Some of those who took part had already gained considerable experience of how the book industry worked.  Those with little experience of the publishing world were able to draw on the knowledge they had pick up while following different careers.

There are so many print-on-demand companies, writing and editorial services now available to the independent writer that it is difficult to recommend any which offer a good package at a reasonable price that does not take advantage of their customers’ lack of knowledge of the publishing industry.  After trying one or two such companies, two workshop participants found that “Authors Online” offered the best deal.  But it must be up to each budding self publisher to examine what is on offer for him or herself.  In the end they may decide it is more practical to form their own company, find their own printer and go it alone.

Competing against the larger publishing companies is a daunting prospect but networking is a powerful tool.  Linking websites and marketing each others books will surely be the best way for the self published writer with few titles to his or her name to get their work noticed.

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