The Importance of Networking

It is important that a writer meets with readers, other writers and representatives of the publishing industry, which is why Keith Jahans is representing Peatmore Press Ltd at the London Book Fair 2022.  Writing fiction is a solitary pursuit so it is easy for an author to loose contact with others and become unaware of those he or she he writes for.

The publishing industry does not stand still and neither does the technology it uses.  Readers’ tastes change so does the way they interact with the written word and there is a need to keep abreast of current trends.  It is imperative to understand how people feel about books and how they interact with writing.  The only way to be sure that authors are not left behind is to get out and meet readers to find out how they feel about fiction.  But one important fact that remains constant is that everyone enjoys a good story.





2 Responses to The Importance of Networking

  1. Good for you, Keith. I won’t be there. I am reducing my activity due to family health concerns. I am doing my memoir when I have time, but probably won’t publish it.


    • peatmore says:

      Hi Julie thank you for your comment. I very much enjoyed the conference and made a number of useful contacts. I hope your family heath problems will soon improve. Stick with your memoir. I published my mother’s World War II memories and they have generated a lot of interest and several sales. Best wishes, Keith

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