Travels in Southern England – The Penzance Literary Festival Revisited: continued

July 10, 2015

I relaxed for most of the festival’s second day and spent the major part of my time watching the second day of the Ashes test match between Australia and England on my ipad. But I did visit the Acorn Theatre again in the evening to listen to novelists Patrick Gale, Cassandra Parkin and Edward Wilson discuss the tricky subject of writing sex scenes. All three appeared to be extremely well read and, as well as reading from their own works, they devoted a considerable part of their conversation to the writings of classical novelists such as Chaucer, Emily Brontë and Jane Austin, and modern writers such as Jilly Cooper and E L James.

The next morning I met Edward Wilson at breakfast as he was also staying at the Queens Hotel and I met him later again in the morning in the Hotel Reading Room. He writes political thrillers and is extremely knowledgeable about the politics of post war Britain and of the Wilson era in particular. We had a most enjoyable conversation covering the politics of that time and even the fate of Nelson’s body following his death at Trafalgar. His books look to be well worth a read. He invited me to his latest book launch on 29th July in London. Unfortunately, I am not sure whether my travels will be taking me back to England’s southeast at that time.

Towards midday I visited the Penlee Coach House to hear veteran local journalist, Des Hannigan, give a lively talk about his life creating both local and national news stories. He is an engaging conversationalist and it was an extremely entertaining session.

Keith Jahans


Travels in Southern England – The Penzance Literary Festival Revisited

July 9, 2015

It is July and I am back in Cornwall at this most hospital of literature festivals. Followers may remember that I visited here last year. However, instead of camping this time I opted for a measure of luxury and I am staying in the magnificent Queens Hotel overlooking the promenade.

 Queens Hotel Penzance

My room is on the second floor and has a panoramic dormer window (the third one up in this picture & right under the roof) and I am lucky in that it has two windows offering outstanding views of Mounts Bay.

View from Queens Hotel Bedroom Window

Yesterday I participated in the opening workshop in the Morrab Library exploring writing for performance with Paul Dodgson. Paul is an experienced drama writer, having written and produced plays for stage, television and radio. He shared a few of his radio scripts with us some of which were acted out by the group. The plays offered excellent examples of what can be achieved by collaborative writing and also illustrated a few of the pitfalls by showing what could happen when works go wrong.

Later that evening I visited the Acorn Theatre, where I listened to Philip Marsden talk to Tim Hanigan about his book “Rising Ground” which explores the idea of place and the mythology associated with them. The legends surrounding Cornwall, Bodmin Moor, its Neolithic sites and the legends, such as those surrounding King Arthur, associated with them made a most interesting discussion.

For photographs of the Morrab Library and the Acorn Theatre I refer you back to my earlier visit to the festival at The festival continues until the end of Saturday.

Keith Jahans
Editor, Peatmore Press

Selling Books for Charity – New Beginnings

July 6, 2015

Peatmore Press has not sold any copies of its short story collection, New Beginnings, since deciding to donate all its royalties to the charity Fresh Start – new beginnings; The Treatment Service for Child Sexual Abuse. It has therefore been decided that there is little point in continuing with this practice. Instead we have made a one off donation of £10 to the charity and the wording about the charity donations will be removed from the book promotion literature.

We still believe that this is a worthy cause and encourage all our customers to donate. They can do so by going to the Fresh Start – new beginnings website at and clicking on the “donate” tab on the menu at the top of the page. Peatmore Press will now publicise its New Beginnings short Story collection in the same way as our other ebooks. If sales do start to pick up then we will make another donation but there will be no regular donation of royalties.

Keith Jahans
Editor, Peatmore Press

Book Promotion – Bike Travelling Man

July 2, 2015

The Peatmore Press five day promotion period for its latest ebook, Bike Travelling Man (BTM) under Amazon’s Kindle Direct Publishing (KDP) Select Program, has ended.  It seems that 75 free kindle books have been downloaded by customers. Just one copy of BTM was purchased after the period was stopped prematurely at day 4. The ebook, American Road, is the only other Peatmore Press publication which has been selling consistently during the last year and one copy was sold at day 5. It is still early days but it looks like the book promotion has had no effect on the number of sold books. But the situation may improve if or when the 75 customers have had a chance to read their free copies and hopefully they will find their reading of BTM such an enjoyable experience that they will purchase other Peatmore Press books.

Amazon Kindle Direct Publishing royalty report graph for all KDP book TitlesAmazon Kindle Direct Publishing Report for all book Titles

Amazon Kindle Direct Publishing  royalty report graph for Bike Travelling ManAmazon Kindle Direct Publishing Report for Bike Travelling Man

Amazon Kindle Direct Publishing royalty report grapht for American RoadAmazon Kindle Direct Publishing Report for American Road

The five day campaign has been a useful experience. It was hard work posting promotional material to websites, facebook groups and twitter accounts that accepted and agreed to promote BTM to their followers. Only two independent reviews were obtained before the book was entered into the promotion cycle. This was clearly not enough and more effort should be made to address this issue. One promising outcome of the campaign was that Book Goodies. com offered me an author interview which was gladly accepted you can check it out at

Finally I wish all you writers and self publishers out there good luck with your book promotions. Your efforts deserve to succeed.

Keith Jahans
Editor, Peatmore Press