Film Review – Interstate 60

When I started this blog, I did not set out to do film reviews. Book reviews – certainly, as Peatmore Press was started to publish books and short stories, however, it was never meant to chiefly facilitate the work of others. But a good narrative makes a good film and the story behind Interstate 60 is no exception, so I could not let my enjoyment of it pass without comment.

It is a story about choice. Life for all of us is a journey and there are many choices on the way which can alter the direction it takes.

Interstate 60 is a fantasy where the hero sets out to drive along a road, which supposedly does not exist, to deliver a package he must not open. He is given choices to make by various characters (some mystical) and the outcome is not predictable. There is clever ambiguous word play such as the diner called The Fork in The Road. In two scenarios, he meets a pretty girl who has had sex with thousands of men and never says no, and visits a town where a narcotic drug is legal and where you can live your life in a state of euphoria but never leave. These are just two of the scenarios he experiences. There are some great cameos from Michael J Fox and Kurt Russell.

The film is well acted and directed but because it is a journey rather than start a new category of film reviews I have listed it under “Travel”.

Keith Jahans
Editor, Peatmore Press

Interstate 60Interstate 60 is written and directed by Bob Gale
and is available on DVD from Amazon UK for £16.98

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