Travels in Southern England

October 27, 2014

This Sunday the clocks went back and I returned to the Mill House Cider Museum in Owermoigne.

Cider Making Demonstration Sign

I first visited the museum in August and was so impressed with what they are doing there that I left them some copies of the Peatmore Press book, Cogrill’s Mill, to sell. This time I was treated to awesome demonstration of traditional cider making. The cider makers were very knowledgeable and highly proficient at their craft and the on looking crowd extremely enthusiastic. It was a great day out and some images of what I saw are presented below.

Preparing The ApplesPreparing the Apples

Mashing The Apples
Mashing the Apples

Loading The Press
Loading the Press

Pressing The Cider
Pressing the Mashed Apples

Decanting The Cider
Collecting the Cider

In addition to cider making we were treated to a demonstration of iron tool making on a portable forge.


Forging Iron
Forging Iron

When the day was over I purchased some Schnapple, a local Liqueur specialty made from apple juice, as it seemed an ideal treat for Christmas.

SchnappleSelling Schnapple

Further details about the Millhouse Cider Museum van be obtained from their website at

Dark Stories

October 17, 2014

Now in England we are entering the shortest days of the year. It is a time for Dark Stories. At the end of this month, 31st October, it is Halloween which has become an annual celebration of spooky events. There is no better time to begin reading or telling tales of the extraordinary or supernatural. To start this off Peatmore Press presents, “But if,” a story of disbelief from its new short story collection, “New Beginnings“. It is available to read free of charge at or by clicking on the link in the side panel.

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