Travels in Southern England

17 July 2014

On July 16 I scanned the website on the internet and I discovered that there was a literary festival starting that same day in Penzance, Cornwall. It seemed too good to miss so I packed my newly purchased 1 minute tent from Halfords and headed South-West. I arrived at 5 pm and found a campsite 25 minutes walking distance from the centre of the town. I was too tired to attend any events that evening but next morning set off for a tour of The Morrab Library, one of just 19 independent libraries in the country.

One Minute TentMy One Minute Tent on Campsite near Penzance

The One Minute Tent is so called because it is claimed that it can be pitched in one minute and taken down and packed away again in another minute. With me it takes about ten but I am sure I can improve with practice.

The Morrab LibraryThe Morrab Library

At the Morrab Library I was given a fascinating talk by a delightful lady called Dawn. The library collection started in 1818, during the time of the Napoleonic Wars, and contains a fantastic number of books and photographs that are unique to the library. The collection was begun by the ladies of Penzance. No men were involved in the early days. Dawn told our group about some of the titles that fascinated her such as “The Duties of a Housewife” and “A Thousand Ways To Annoy The French”. The talk was followed by a short tour of the library. Dawn or one of her colleagues gives the talk and tour every Friday. It was a rewarding experience and afterwards I donated a signed copy of the Peatmore Press novel, “Cogrill’s Mill”, to show my appreciation.

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