Travels in Russia – Day 4

Moscow, 4 June 2013

 About seventy kilometers north west of Moscow lies the Sergiev Posad Monastery and we travelled by minibus to view this important centre of the Russian Orthodox Church.  The monastery was found in 1345 by St Sergii of Radnonech and is currently home to 300 monks.  The relics of the saint are preserved in the Cathederal there and are regularly visited by pilgrims.  I was allowed to photograph inside the grounds and most of the churches but not the monks and not inside the cathederal where the relics are held.

Cathederal at The Sergiev Posad Monastery

Cathedral at the Seriev Posad Monastry where the relics of the Saint are kept.

Many of the buldings ere covered with scaffolding and netting as the whole area seemed to be undergoing renovation as can be seen by the builing to the left of the Cathederal.  There was an argument between our guide and the monastry guide about the Russian Authodox Church definition of a cathederal and I am afraid that I am still none the wiser.

 That evening we travelled to Moscow Railway Station where we boarded the over night sleeper train to take us to St Petersburg.

Moscow-St Petersburge Sleeper Train

Moscow-St.Petersburg Train

Travelling By The Moscow-St Petersburg Train

Travelling by the Moscow-St.Petersburg Train

Keith Jahans
Editor, Peatmore Press


One Response to Travels in Russia – Day 4

  1. The Soviet Era saw a drastic change in Russian history, and the development of a virtually brand new civilization. Mass industrialization programs came with a new aesthetic ethos which emphasized functionality (combined with grandiosity). The enormous constructivist buildings and statues of the twentieth century are often derided as ugly monstrosities, but they are hardly boring (whereas the industrial complexes polluting cities from the Belarussian border to the Pacific are genuine eyesores).

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