A Trip to Busbridge Lakes

April 3, 2013

Despite an exceptionally cold day for April I visited Busbridge Lakes near Godalming with members of the Society of Biology to view the flora and fauna there.  It is a micro sanctuary for water fowl but somehow the small environment seems more natural than the large compounds at the more well known preserves such as Slimbridge and Arundel offering plenty of picturesque photo opportunities for the Amateur Photographer.

Busbridge Waders

The sanctuary is innovative in the way it rears its birds by keeping the chicks with both male and female parents whenever possible.  A practice now copied by other wildfowl rearing establishments.

Busbridge Mother & Chicks

Amongst the flora are the “Restoration” chestnut trees which were planted in 1660 and are the oldest known in England.

Busbridge 16 century horsechestnut trees

The gardens contain a number of man-made caves, grottos and follies left behind by previous inhabitants, and an intriguing ghost walk.  All of which add to its charm.

Busbridge Folly

The icy cold day meant that it was not a good time to linger but I will definitely return once summer comes and we can put this harsh early English spring behind us.




First steps in self publishing

April 3, 2013

Treating your writing as a business is a must for anyone taking first steps in self publishing.

New technologies in printing have made it possible to produce books in small quantities at low cost.  Authors can be their own boss, have editorial freedom, be responsible for pricing and advertising and keep all the profits.  The disadvantage of this means that as they have no track record in the publishing industry they become a small fish in a big pond and their publications thought of as “vanity publishing” and inferior.  They can make basic editing errors and are responsible for all losses.


Self Publishing