Travels in China – Day 4

Monday 5th September – Beijing.

This day started with a visit to Tian an Men Square, the largest public square in the world and one of the most famous.  It is bordered by the Qiamen Gate, the Great Hall of the People and the Gate of Heavenly Peace which forms the entrance to the Forbidden City, the domain of the last emperors of China.

Tian an Men Square

The Gate of Heavenly Peace

Inside the Forbidden City

We returned to an our hotel after lunch.  Then rested the rest of the day until dinner after which we whiled away the evening at one of the hotel bars.

Chinese Motorcyclist multitasking, a practice forbidden in the UK.

One Response to Travels in China – Day 4

  1. .After the style of the ancient Tibetan temple Tholing the Pavilion of Rain of Flowers in the Forbidden City was first built in the ninth year of the Qianlong Period 1744 . The Tower of Buddhist Origin now preserves the firelock and gunpowder container presented to Emperor Qianlong by him..Relevant attractions in the Forbidden City.


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