Travels in China – Day 3

Sunday 4th September – Xian

Looked forward to this being one of the highlights of our trip, a visit to see the renowned Terracotta Warriors and it did not disappoint.  First we were guided round a clay modelling factory and were shown how it was thought the warriors were moulded.  Then we went to Li Shan Mountain to see the famed army itself.

We spent the morning in the museum learning about the magnificent relics on display.  The solders were not found until 1974 and the farmer, who found them and was now over 80 years old, was in the lobby signing copies of the guide book one of which is now in my possession.  Clay horses, chariots, bonze horses with chariots and actual weapons were found with the warriors and also exhibited for us to see.  That afternoon we went to the city wall, saw the bell and drum towers and were treated to a traditional welcome ceremony where each of us were presented with a golden key.

Bell Tower

Drum Tower

Heavy rain drove us from the wall and when we left for the airport late that afternoon our flight was delayed by two hours so that we did not arrive at Beijing, the final destination of our journey until one am.  It is now 3 am and I have been frantically trying to get this blog together so I can post it online later this morning.  I hope there are not too many typos as I am extremely tired.  And so to bed.

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