Travels in China – Day 1

Days 1 and 2 were basically spent travelling, so Day 1 did not properly start until this Friday with a morning visit through the thronging shopping thoroughfare of Nanjing Road in the Old Town with its ancient Wu Xing Teahouse and classic Yu Yuan Gardens.

Shopping district of Nanjing Road

The Yu YuanTea Gardens

In the afternoon we promenaded along the bank of the Huangpu River adjacent to the Bund, which is the colonial heart of the city containing the hotels, banks and offices that were once the symbols of its commercial power.  Across the river we beheld the skyline of modern Shanghai announcing itself as a new power on the world financial scene.  Its very presence screamed out a warning of China’s imminent arrival as a major economic power.

The Bund

Modern Shanghai Skyline

In the evening we saw The Spectacular Shanghai Acrobats who performed astounding feats of juggling and contortion which was rounded off by a stunning display given by eight motorcyclists who combined to hurtle round the inside of a mesh dome at death defying speeds.  Photography was prohibited which was just as well as I would have hated the thought of my camera flash being responsible for any mishap.


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