Book Review – Cloak of Magic by S. A. Rule

The story follows the fortunes of two men in the mystical land of Shaihen where warlords and magicians rule.  It is the first part of a fantasy series featuring the same characters.  The author has a good feeling for plot development and political intrigue.

Characters are well drawn and are all too human.  Their strengths and frailties are readily apparent.  Kierce, is certainly not an all powerful magician.  He is flawed, vulnerable to temptation and the energy sapping power of his own magic.  His friend, Caras, has a strong sense of duty and provides a strong contrast to the other’s scheming.

The mythical world is nicely painted.  The narrative is believable, able to surprise and keeps the reader enthralled and enchanted right to the end.

Keith Jahans
Editor, Peatmore Press (

Cloak of Magic is published by Authors OnLine Ltd


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