Book Promotion Campaign — Part Four

I have donated three copies of Cogrill’s Mill to the Woking Hospice Bookshop in Horsell village near Woking.  This is a worthwhile charity which I am happy to support.  I have paid £4 to a local Newsagent to have a Cogrill’s Mill placed in their shop window among the customer adds.  I have added more keywords to the Amazon pages showing my books.  While doing this I found that someone is advertising a used copy on the page for Cogrill’s Mill.  At least it shows the books are circulating.  I can only trust that they are being read.

2 Responses to Book Promotion Campaign — Part Four

  1. oldstick says:

    I’m back at last. I need to start promoting my books as a trilogy. You are a wiz. on the computer and i loved the stuff about Malta. St Paul’s Bay is our favourite place in the world. Best Wishes, J.


    • peatmore says:

      Thanks for the comment Julie. I would hardly call myself a wiz but I am running my self-publishing workshop at Winchester again this year. I have just posted my review of Lane’s End on which I hope gives your trilogy a boost. Best wishes, Keith.


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