Book Promotion Campaign — Final Part

December 22, 2010

It is December 22nd and there are only three days to despatch books for Christmas Day so it seems logical to end the promotional campaign now.  I will still carry copies of my books with me on the off chance someone will seek to buy but I have suspended the online adwords campaign which has proved expensive for almost negligible return.

On the plus side eleven books have been sold which would not have happened without the campaign.  On the negative side, the campaign has not been aggressive enough as I need to be more confident when approaching potential customers.  Peatmore Press is also in need of more product to sell.

The plan for the New Year is to concentrate on writing and also to produce some audio books, promotional videos and make the most of the free opportunities the internet provides for marketing.  Adwords is a useful resource but at the moment is not worth the cost.

Book Promotion Campaign — Part Four

December 15, 2010

I have donated three copies of Cogrill’s Mill to the Woking Hospice Bookshop in Horsell village near Woking.  This is a worthwhile charity which I am happy to support.  I have paid £4 to a local Newsagent to have a Cogrill’s Mill placed in their shop window among the customer adds.  I have added more keywords to the Amazon pages showing my books.  While doing this I found that someone is advertising a used copy on the page for Cogrill’s Mill.  At least it shows the books are circulating.  I can only trust that they are being read.

Book Promotion Campaign — Part Three

December 8, 2010

Three weeks into the campaign and it is yet to gather momentum.  Free offers are being taken up but not  many books have been sold.  The Peatmore Press website is gaining an increase in hits mostly due to Google Adwords but a small number of these can probably be attributed to Twitter, Facebook and Blog.  The cost of campaign currently greatly out weighs profit from books but at least potential readers are being made more aware of them and a few more are being read than before the campaign started.

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