Travels in India – Day 6

20th September 2010

Set out to journey to Agra and visited Fatpur Sikri.

I hope this blog is not too disjointed and there are not too many typing errors.  I am writing this as we travel and am not spending as much time over my drafts as normal.  I have taken hundreds of photos and have probably spent too much time sorting out which ones to post.  Thus I may have spent too much time on photographs and less on writing.

India has no social security so its people live hand to mouth.  I see beggars and street merchants all the time but don’t respond to them outside the coach otherwise we will be swamped.  Our guides show us merchandise they bring once they have boarded.  That’s okay and we have acquired some fine items to take home.  I wish I had the nerve to try some of the street food they cook up on the pavements.  It looks tasty but I have not the nerve.

Health and safety looks like it does not exist here.  The people move round the streets at great speed and there is much honking of car and motorbike horns.  But they do look out for each other and there is obviously much mutual respect of  other’s right of passage.  The wanderings of the sacred cows are said also to be traffic calming.

Our coach had a puncture on our journey today.  Fortunately we had an ex-army paratrooper as a member of our party and he helped the driver change the wheel.  This and problems with the air-condition system meant we were delayed by about an hour.

Fatpur Sikri is only a few miles from Agra so we were still able to take in a tour of this walled city built by Emperor Akbar in 1571 and the Mughal Capital for 14 years.  It’s architectureis striking and was well worth the visit.


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