Travels in India – Day 4

18th September 2010

Lost a day somewhere.  Must have spent more than one day travelling to Dehli and because of the time difference.  But I guess I’ll get it back again when we fly home to the UK.

Today drove from Delhi to Jaipur along the Nr 18, the region’s main motorway.  It was a two lane duel carriageway for most of the way but saw many types of vehicle using it.

Stopped to see statues of Hindu god Shiva.

Stopped again for lunch and drank half a litre of 8% alcohol strength Kingfisher lager, much stronger than the English ales I’m use to.  Good job I wasn’t driving.

Saw cattle being herded towards us up the lane we were driving down, which is a sight you don’t tend to see in England.  Cattle are sacred in India and have right of way in City centres and across carriageway central reservations.

Saw husband, child and wife, in that order, riding a single motorcycle.  Only the man was wearing a crash-helmet and the wife was riding side saddle.  Men women and children work hard here in order to survive.


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