Ways to Self Publish

There are now many ways open to the writer to self publish that cost next to nothing or are free.  Most of these utilise the internet and the worldwide web.  Establishing one’s own website is now very straight forward.  It is probably the easiest way to present your work to the world.  Website costs range from free of charge with limited memory to expensive host options where there is sufficient memory to upload video and animations.  Creating a website is an essential necessity for the first time self publisher.  It is the way I began when the internet was young.  Now there are millions of sites and it is easy to get overlooked.

Writing one’s own site is not that difficult.  There is a variety of software available to aid you and many consultants who will help for a fee.  Social network sites such as Facebook, Myspace and Twitter are a good starting point and are again mostly free and straight forward to use.

Print on Demand (POD) is the most expensive option.  It is now easier than it once was and there are reputable companies that provide a good service.  However, there are still some cowboys so make sure you know what you get for your money.  If you form own company, you will have more control over, printing, design, distribution.  It is more work but will be cheaper than if you use an established company and probably more satisfying.  However, if only you have only one book using such a company is probably the best option.  Whichever route you take network with other self publishing writers and learn from their experiences.

Other options include ebooks, audiobooks, podcasts, video and Braille.  If you are going the POD route then you are already producing pdfs so ebooks entail little extra cost to produce.  They have the added advantage of little or no material or distribution costs.

Author David James and my self are running a Self Publishing Workshop at this year’s Winchester Writers Conference on 25th and 27th June and I will report what we will have learnt in future blogs



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