Why Self Publish?

If you feel that self publishing is an easy way to make money then forget it.  Until you become an established writer or unless you are a celebrity then you will start out by making a loss.  This is the gamble that large publishing houses make.  They can afford it as they have a large stable of successful writers.  They also work with editors and agents who they rely on to know what the market wants and spot talent.  But the stories of them missing gifted authors are legion.

The novelist with a story to tell and faith in his or her own work will keep trying and eventually someone in the industry may take notice.  To write a narrative of 80,000 words plus and reach a satisfactory ending if only for ones self is no mean achievement.   It is only natural to want to share this with others even they number only a few.

It is not surprising that most authors survive on the proceeds of the “day job” in order to earn a crust whilst satisfying the urge to write.  The compulsion to share their writing with others is much stronger than the financial and physical effort exerted in its making.  As the saying goes “If a tree falls in a forest and no one is around to hear it, does it make a sound?”

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